Polyurethane Self Smoothen Topcoat

PU or polyurethane had been developed as an alternative for heavy industries usage. However, ever since then, it has becoming quite popular and common as a flooring material. You will see many properties  such as factory with PU flooring. You may see some of a different applications of polyurethane inside the malls.  There are many benefits of using this coating. Besides the factor of protection, it also provides durability.

Here are some of the major benefits.

It offers Versatility

PU can be applied just about anywhere. This is one big reason why it has become so popular. There are many types of flooring where PU remains as the only option.

Offers Protection

Another big reason why PU flooring has become so popular is because of the level of protection it provides. When this coating is applied to the floor, it creates a barrier between the external agents and the base floor. This barrier is non-porous and can provide protection against dirt, water, and even mud. It also protects the floor from oxidation and humidity which usually result in corrosion. In the manufacturing and industrial setups.

No risk to living beings

The good thing about polyurethane is that it doesn’t emanate any chemical vapours which may be harmful to the people and pets. Also, the chemical vapours have the capacity to harm the environment as well. Although when laid on the floor, PU is completely harmless hygenic and complying HACCP hazard food malaysia standard.

Easy to Install

Another big reason why it is so popular is because it is quite easy to install. Also, it does not take too long to install this flooring. If you want a coating that is ready to use quickly, go for PU flooring.

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