Kretop Products

High Performance With Multiple Solutions

A general-purpose waterborne epoxy system that covers all applications and substrates and provides the ultimate high performance is not feasible. Therefore, if success is to be reached, proper time must be taken to identify the criteria that are critical to quality & we have brought to you a diverse range of personalized products.

Having developed a substantial reputation by developing innovative products and permanent solutions, we have successfully managed to create a long list of services for various application areas including:

Water based epoxy coating: can be used in a variety of coating applications which currently use solvent-based, high-solids or solvent-free coating systems. In fact, waterborne epoxy coatings are fast becoming the first choice for formulators in such market segments as:

  • Transportation
  • DIY Floor Coatings
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Applications for High-Performance
  • Asset Protection

Obtaining high-performance formulations, and ultimately success in these markets, requires knowing your targeted application, identifying the substrate, and selecting the most appropriate resin and hardener combination.

Solvent based epoxy coating: Solvent based epoxy systems are highly reliable, and more durable solutions. Their usual application includes areas such as warehouse flooring, power plant, industrial environment, garage floors, mining operations and others. Moreover, these solutions are also being used in hard services areas such as restaurant kitchen, commercial areas, schools etc where a High-Performance Architectural Coating is required.

Urethane Concrete Systems: The compositional features of this material make it an ideal system and solution for the harsh environmental systems, especially where thermal cycling is present. Our Urethane Concrete system has been engineered to comply with the highest Industrial demands. These are maintenance free flooring compounds having high resistance and thus, allowing the system to be cleaned through acids without getting damaged. The application area for this product include:

Applications Beverage Plants, Dairies, Food Processing, Freezers & Cold Storage, Meat Packing & Poultry, Fryer Lines, Chemical and Secondary Containment and more.

Poly urethane products: Our Polyurethane product solutions are rigid and have excellent working time. These coatings provide thermal shock resistance and are being highly used in Veterinarian, Food Processing Plants, Public and Commercial Buildings, and Pharmaceuticals.

Tank linings: Tanks that are being used to store acids, chemical components and water and thus, require high performance epoxy lining to cure their surface at lower temperature and exhibit the brilliant resistance properties for a wide range of corrosives and chemicals. This lining helps to maintain toughness and flexibility as compared to standard expoxies. Exhibits excellent adhesion, sag resistance and corrosion resistance.

Anti corrosion specialties: Corrosion is one of the biggest enemies for industries, commercial areas as well as regular households. Not only it eats up a big part of iron every year, it also affects the quality of housing for many. Our anti-corrosion specialties offer complete relief from rusting and keeps the iron structures like new for years. These solutions include high-performance coatings, surface preparation equipment, paint application equipment, and abrasives

Anti-static product: Anti-static products provide easy to use solutions that aim to reduce the static electricity. They help to decay static to a zero charge and our anti-static products are faster than any other anti-static product in the market. Unlike others, our Concentrate is formulated to be effectively independent of any kind of relative humidity.

Floor hardener: Offering the customers with a complete choice of floor hardening solutions, such as Liquid Hardener, Non-Metallic Floor Hardener, Metallic Floor Hardener, Non-Metallic Floor Hardener, Carborundum Based Non-Metallic Floor Hardener, Heavy Duty Metallic Floor Hardener, and others.

Water-proofing products: If you seek absolute protection from moisture, our concrete waterproofing solutions serve as an ideal answer to the construction methodologies worldwide. Kretop’s innovative range of concrete waterproofing product range helps you reliability, build quality,  and cost-effectiveness directly into concrete. Our concrete waterproofing systems can help to solve all your concrete waterproofing needs and produce 100% waterproof concrete.