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High Gloss Flooring System – suitable for dust free environment

Kretop EPS 500 SL is a medium to heavy duty, self leveling epoxy resin floor topping based on 100% solid cycloaliphatic epoxy. Best usage for industrial and commercial application where hard wearing, hygienic, dust free environment is highly required. Key benefits are: Attractive, Chemical Resistance, Food grade, Environmental friendly, Fast curing and etc.

Industrial Polyurethane – suitable for hygienic food processing

KRETOP-UC 600 is a flow applied, self-smoothing 3 components Urethane Concrete system with thickness from 3 -6mm for industrial application and repairing system in matt finish offering versatility in performance, aesthetics and economics. REcommend uses for Hygienic floor, wet food, beverage processing and packaging plants. It features chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance and mechanically durable for floors.