Epoxy Costing

Epoxy Flooring is done with a paint or coating system that is typically made up of two separate materials which are mixed together and the resulting substance quickly hardens into a durable semi-gloss or high-gloss flooring surface. Epoxy can be done on wood, cement, concrete or metal surfaces, however, it is mostly done on concrete floors in commercial or residential places. Textures can be created on epoxy by sprinkling paint flakes or other chips before it dries.

Epoxy is the one of the cost effective flooring solution as tiles and wooden flooring are not just expensive but are also difficult to maintain.

Whether you want epoxy flooring for you office or home we have cost effective solutions irrespective of whether that is needed for big corporate or new start up company. We have been in the industry for years and keep on expanding our range of products to meet the new age needs of the customers.

There are many Do-it-Yourself epoxy flooring kits in the market but they fail to deliver what they promise and also become tedious for you. The Do-it-Yourself also fail for repairing the crack, holes and other imperfections of underneath flooring. Also the mild citric acid wash that is usually provided with DIY kits is not strong enough to remove previously applied sealer and paints and as a result the epoxy peel off over time. We are here to make your work easy by providing free consultation and our professional advisory will provide you with the best options as per your requirements. The professionals will make sure that your area is accessed carefully and all stains and cracks are taken care of before applying the epoxy. The DIY kits also don’t come with warranty but a profession service like us will always have warranty.

Our years of experience and industrial knowledge and research have enabled us to bring to you most reasonable pricing options in Malaysia. Also the after maintenance cost of our products keep you tension free for years.